UNSA, Uitwisseling Nederland Suid Afrika, is a foundation specialised in exchange projects between The Netherlands, Flanders and South Africa.

We are mainly involved in helping students to get either a practical Internship, final thesis project, acquire a study or do a study and are also involved in corporation agreements between similar educational bodies and projects initiated and supported by one of or combination of Universities.

Since 1975 UNSA assisted almost 20.000 students with a successful placement in either countries. Beyond obtaining a practical internship, final thesis project or study, UNSA also takes care of several other important issues like assisting with an applicable visa, work- or study permit, economic flight, information on what can be expected, financial matters, accommodation, insurance and a lot of general information needed to make you feel at home on the other side.

We do have more than 46 years of experience and are therefore proud to state that not only all our good contacts, but also our personal touch will give you, with also your motivated and flexible approach, the opportunity to make your abroad adventure an unforgettable success.