19 February 2009

Our UNSA website is currently running for more than two years now and we feel that it requires some good updates.

When students were doing a market research for UNSA as part of their internship at UNSA, it was noted that there were some specific needs which were not really addressed too well. One of them was oversight. It was just so difficult to find the information one needed in between all those paragraphs. Also the lay-out was in need of a more modern change.

So we talked to various students and made notes of all their ideas and we are now, with the help of an IT student from Avans Breda, in the process of improving things drastically.

The student and now new Web Master, for the intern period from 1 February to 1 August 2009, is Dirk.

Dirk studies at the Avans Hogeschool in Breda and is a programming and web specialist and will use all his capabilities to improve the looks and the client friendliness in the re-newed website. We have a lot of trust in his capabilities. It has already been said, a lot of information also comes from the student making use of this website and who is having problems in finding information. He is asking you to address those problems to him.

His contact details are as follows

Dirk van Egmond

GSM 27 (0) 78 162 2502


We are looking forward to your help.

Kind Regards

Albert van Oudheusden